Ordering a new course for your school

Both Trainers and Coordinators can order extra seats for students or courses at anytime from their dashboard.

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard and locate the SCHOOL ORDER button in the header.

Step 2: Check that all your school details are correct.

Step 3: If you wish to add new trainers or coordinators you can add at this stage before ordering seats and courses.

Step 4: Indicate who is placing the order and what you would like to order before clicking NEXT.

Step 5: 

1: If you wish to add students to your existing course simply indicate how many in the ADD STUDENTS field. 

2: If you would like to add a new course, simply select the course, indicate the number of students and trainers.

3: You can select from your existing trainers, add a new trainer or simply check NOT SURE if you are not sure.

Step 6:  You are now ready to finalise your school order. Review the details of your order, download the partnering agreement and check the declaration box before clicking SUBMIT. Once you have submitted an invoice will be created for your school and you can continue to set up your classes and assign students to the appropriate classes.

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