How to set up a new class.

Coordinators can set up their class structure and assign the appropriate trainers in just a few clicks. You also have the ability to assign students to the class if you wish.

Step 1: Log into your Coordinator dashboard, locate and click on the NEW CLASS button. Click here to login.

Step 2: When adding a class simply select the appropriate course, give the class a name and assign the trainer/s that will be teaching the class. Please note you will only be able to select courses that your school has previously ordered from IVET. If you wish to add a new course please click here to learn how to add a new course to your school.

When you are ready to save and create your class setup, you can click CREATE to save the class. You also have the option to click CREATE AND SET UP STUDENTS if you wish to add students to the class. Both Trainers and Coordinators can add students at any time.

Step 3: Click NEW STUDENT to start adding students.

Step 4:  As you add the first and last name of the student the Portal will generate a username for the student. Email is optional, however it is highly recommended to enter the students email address when adding students to the class. The Portal will send the student confirmation of their username and password reducing the reliance on the trainer/teacher to provide this information.

Step 5: In the case you attempt to add more students than what has been ordered. You can simply click on the prompt to order more students. This will raise a new invoice for the school and allow you to continue adding students.

The video below provides a quick overview of the Coordinator Portal.

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